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So I tried one of the cheap eBay ones... It fitted fine, but at the same time I replace my external fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, clean the ica, cleaned the air box and all connected sensors, replace all fuel hoses, broke the nipple off the fuel rail and cleaned the fuel pressure sensor...
So I tapped a new nipple into the end of the fuel rail, added so two part epoxy and waited 24 hrs for it to dry. This was two weeks ago and since re-assembling it all the bike ran awesome when cold but once warm had a rough idle. I thought ica so I took it out removed the plunger and lube it, did the tps reset and than tried again.. Still crappy idle..
So after putting up with it for two weeks I fitted the stock fuel pump today and too my surprise my warm idle is now perfect the bike no longer stalls after blipping the throttle..

So from this learning I think I'll be buying a decent brand pump next and I'll try it all over again. :-)
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