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Yep, they do. More offset in the triple, depends which one I use as to the axle offset. But very close to the axle offset it has now. Length of the Showa is 40mm longer. I'm running about 65mm rider sag at the moment on the front. It's high because I have a pillion most of the time. By the time I fit the Showas and set the rider sag at about 100mm, or 1/3 of the stroke, it'll be the same as now. Running the same spring rates as now.

So it'll be very similar, just with about 10mm more offset.

The DRZ front end is actually the closest, but there's almost nothing in it.

They are all narrower by about 20mm than the dual disc front end on the BMW. So I use a billet race wheel with the big brakes.

I've measured, and remeasured, and measured again.

I have a KTM set of triples that I measured, and they will fit the 06 Showas I have, but not the 07.

While I've been off work for months with the shoulder reconstruction I've either been flat broke or busy with other things so I haven't actually committed to tearing it apart. I don't want to start it and grind to a halt on funding.

With the DR, I tore it apart on a Saturday morning and I was riding it Sunday afternoon. A lot of angst about cutting up the frame and welding it all back together fuelled that build.

This time around I want to assemble all the bits, and then just do a simple change over.

I'm confident it'll be a lot better than standard.
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