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Originally Posted by Codewheeney View Post
I gotta say, my 1150, even without the Air, has pretty smooth slow speed throttle response. Perhaps it's the weight, but I don't have a problem with slow speed control. Taking Jim Hyde's course seemed to help (especially the exercise where you walk the running bike around the paddock with just the clutch, walking next to the bike on the left side, right hand on the saddle), but i don't find the throttle response jerky on my bike. I haven't ridden a 1200 off road yet.

Reading all the technical posts, the air shouldn't really make too much, if any, difference on throttle tip in, it's only for leading throttle. Which, again, makes me say: Where's my Cool, damnit!?!?

I do understand the use of the rear brake and clutch to control slow movement on the bike...but off road over rough terrain I find it very difficult to smoothly modulate the rear brake [peddle location and lack of feel] and mostly refuse to slip the clutch since dry clutch's do not appreciate being slipped...much better for a dry clutch to be all in or all out...on pavement that is easier to road, particularly over irregular surfaces and up or downhill having a smooth throttle response [not just on tip in or out] can make all the difference for me and saves my clutch. The BP did a lot to help and now the IICE Air is also....really, really looking forward to the Cool and the Smooth!!!!

But, hey I ain't no expert and I could be wrong!
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