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You guys are going the bucks up route for sure.
And doing the racer wannabe pace.
Slow the beemer down a bit for the touring loaded, tourist looky lou types and stock or closer to stock bike is more manageable.
You guys wanting to set-up and ride at Dakar or timed enduro speeds are missing what many want to do with their bmw.
Go ahead and run your race pace and get blown off by a stock KTM.

Slow(er) riders won't need as much (or any) suspension work. Intermediate riders may do fine with stock suspension or they could be picky and have a pocket full of money for suspension upgrades.
I'm not pitching slow riding, just noting different riders needs.

In my experience, you put on a go fast suspension, on these heavy (for fast off-road) bikes and you end up with a stiff or harsh suspension for those who ride at slower speeds.

My current experience is on the lowly 658. I pounded it for 800 miles off road (OBDR) and bottomed it a few times. It still ran straight (no side kicking).
Ground clearance was the issue. I destroyed to bottom side.
I lifted it, got ground clearance, a go fast suspension and lost plush.
I suppose it needs more work.
The F800GS spec Hyperpro in the rear though, is plush. I went backwards on the forks.
My point is, to Mr new rider or Mr intermediate the stock suspension is ok.

Regarding fork dive. A lot of people complain about fork dive on the brakes.
It is an inherent characteristic of forks. Take it away and your suspension is less supple in rough conditions. Now if your forks go straight to bottom out on the brakes, yes that is too much fork dive. But a nice controled dive, to me, is a sign of my supple forks...

Carry on with your trickery.
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