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Originally Posted by Tripletreat View Post
the values for zinc and phosphorus in the above Blackstone analysis are not at all impressive. aren't those substances the very additives that separate automobile oils from good motorcycle oils?
Tripletreat - Thanks for your comments. I think you are comparing the results to the universal averages which is deceptive (see Blackstone doc below). For example the Royal Mfg. oil has an extremely low molybdenum disulfide reading (1) compared to the universal average (64) so that is bad right, it must be (same goes for magnesium)? Not exactly, since it would be bad for a wet clutch to have a high reading, the clutch would slip excessively on a motorcycle.

So the universal averages is just that, it includes every oil out there tested from marine, heavy machine to aviation oil results. It is more important to have a balanced additive package that will maintain its properties over the life of the oil in addition to a high-quality synthetic base such as POA. In addition it is about how that oil is able to retain the additive and TBN levels over the life of the oil. The zinc reading is high and it varies a bit between batches, we might test it again and I bet it would be higher or a bit lower, this is measured in PPM...

Most of us are not scientists so I go by what the comments are given by the lab tech that did the analysis and this is very positive "Yep this looks like good oil".
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