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Day 9

Friday, June 8th
Mileage: ~ 100

Today, we really had only one major objective: get the chain and sprockets replaced.

Luckily we didn't have far to go. I plugged the dealership's address into the Garmin before going to bed the night before, and after the standard free hotel breakfast (that we were growing sick of) off we went. A couple of hours later we wind up in a very nice, tiny, little town - that had nothing even close to resembling a motorcycle shop. It dawned on me that the night before there were two locations that matched the address I plugged in. So I plugged in the other address and discovered that we only had a few more miles to go.

On the way, we ran into a little traffic; in the form of sheep.

We were stuck behind this little, I mean "sheep drive" for quite some time. There wasn't a safe way to get through them, and they were heading in the same direction that we were. So for several minutes we just had to follow along.

I have something to confess: had this happened while I was riding at home, I would have been PISSED.

I am not blessed with patience, and was looking forward to getting to the dealer and getting the chain issue resolved. But, this cluster-____ had me laughing for minutes. Not only were the little critters a riot to watch (they kept trying to break out of the pack to nibble on plants), but I think "vacation mode" had finally sunken in for me. Time just didn't matter. I wish I could operate on that zero-pressure level every day....

Finally one of the guys on a 4-wheeler plows a path for us and we are again on our way

So Gretta Garmin routes us right past our hotel and lands us at the dealer. They were great. They figured out who I was when I walked through the door and got me written up and the bike in the bay within minutes. They told me to come back in a couple of hours and off we went in the Support Vehicle. We checked into the hotel and did laundry. By the way, doing laundry at a hotel is EXPENSIVE, but I digress.

After a couple of hours we went back to the dealer and the rest of the team went back to the hotel. The bike wasn't ready, so I plopped my butt into a chair in their showroom and killed time (by way of my android) on ADV. I was excited to see iDave had written a new installment on his latest RR and started reading. If you have seen his writing you can relate to what I am about to say... Dave is a great / passionate writer - and in the RR he shares a painful story of recently losing his beloved dog. I am a dog lover. (My dog is my shadow and is laying on the sofa next to me as I write this.) And well, the tears started flowing right there on the showroom floor. There is no telling what the folks there thought was wrong with the lunatic wanting his chain fixed .

In time, the bike was done. The mechanic and I talked for a few minutes, and before I left he cautioned me to not take it on the highway for 50 miles or so - just in case there were any problems. WTF? I appreciate the honesty, but what problems are you expecting (I am thinking to myself). SUPER, just when I thought my overly paranoid mind could stop worrying, this guy plants a seed of a problem in my mind. I put it out of my head, and out of my head it stayed. The chain and sprockets problem was over.

I rode back to the hotel and we did some exploring.

Zion National Park has two separated sections. We were staying near a less visited one called Kolob Canyons. It was beautiful.

This section of the park is just barely buffered from the interstate by mountains. It was super-convenient for us to get to. Of course, we stopped at the Visitor's Center and got our passport stamped, then we started driving into the canyon.

I really appreciated the color of the pavement. It fit in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

Everything was just picture perfect

This picture (well really none of my pictures do).. This pictures does not do this site justice. This layer of strata was huge and visible for miles

After stopping at several overlooks...

...we took a short hike

I may have mentioned this already... Cacti seemed to be blooming wherever we went on this trip.

After hiking to an overlook, Christina finds a rock with her name on it..

...and chills out

Throughout the park, the views were exceptional

On the trial ...

...there were numerous signs, placed in strategic spots, imploring people to stay on the trail.

In general, people are clueless. Unfortunately, the signs didn't appear to be 100% effective. ..but, for the most part, I really believe people are getting better in our parks. All in all, they looked great.

Anyway, we hiked back to the car and enjoyed the views

We got back to the hotel and I plugged in - to charge up for another day

Tomorrow, more Zion

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