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Originally Posted by Maxacceleration View Post
You guys are going the bucks up route for sure.
And doing the racer wannabe pace.
Slow the beemer down a bit for the touring loaded, tourist looky lou types and stock or closer to stock bike is more manageable.
You guys wanting to set-up and ride at Dakar or timed enduro speeds are missing what many want to do with their bmw.
Go ahead and run your race pace and get blown off by a stock KTM.
Yeah...and no.

I see what you're saying, and I've yet to go trail riding and get "blown off by a stock KTM".

Oh, there's guys out there that could do it easy. Guys in their 20s. But among the average trail riders. No. Most of us have common sense.

Plus, it's not like I'm trying to push race pace. I grew up racing 2-strokes, my race pace is a lot more energetic, but on a 170kg "trail" bike approaching my 50th year I don't even try to delude myself. On trails in a shared area that'd be such a KTM owner thing to do. I see guys up here that try it quite regularly. I've had to call the rescue helicopter a few times.

I want a BMW that will do 2 very different things. I understand that they just don't make them to do either one of those things well. But in trying to get it to do either, I can get it to do both very well if I do it right.

By the time I get the BMW to do what I want solo, it will do what I want for 2-up dirt touring exactly the way I want.

A win/win.

I can see that you don't want that from yours. That's cool. But there's no need to hang shit. Sit back and watch. You may learn something.

For the OP, what I'm saying with the videos etc is simply this, understand very clearly what your abilities are and what sort of riding you want to do before you commit to buying.

If your are a competent trail rider and you want to trail ride a standard BMW you will be disappointed in a lot of ways. If you fall for the advertising hype, buyers remorse will eat at you.

If you are a beginner, and you are learning both riding and dirt riding then the BMW will feel pretty good as is, straight off the showroom floor. You'll likely have years of fun and argue with everyone on ADVrider about the BMWs abilities.

If you know enough about dirt riding to know the BMW isn't a dirt bike, then the regular stiffer springs, change of damping oil will likely suffice. Because common sense prevails.

If you fall outside those rudimentary groups then you'll need to explore more expensive options. I.E, if you want to do "Enduro" type riding or dirt touring 2-up you're going to have to spend big bucks and explore other options. Because they simply don't build the bike to do either of these things.
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