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Originally Posted by johmarq View Post
Hi Tripodtiger,

Thanks for the Info.

Yes I thought it must be an early RD, the serial number is 352 102194,
Looks like that would make it number 2093 off the production line in 1972.

I guess it should be blue like your beautiful RD,
there is blue under all that lovely hand brushed black paint.

Thanks for the news about the 9 litre tank, I thought they were all the same.
The tank is in good shape, no corrosion inside.

Apart from the tank and drum front are there any other things different on the early bikes?

Cheers, John
Not that I'm aware of.
The different front brake may mean that the triple clamps are narrower or wider?
The fork outer tubes / sliders / boots (whatever you choose to call them - I can't make up my mind) are different and that difference may only be the left one.

That tank would be bloody rare! Maybe not quite 'hen's teeth'

My hope is that you get, and stay, inspired to do something with it. Whatever that is, that you take the time, effort and (this is the hard part) money to do it properly. Of course, it may be your only bike and that tends to change priorities.

And mine is 3737. Your's is older.


I just looked at your bike photos again.

You've got a bloody High/Low switch!!!

Every now and then I do a little search trying to find the internal plastic bit, the bit that the thumb tab screws onto. Never been able to find one that fits. The switch still works as the broekn end of the plastic is poking up, but....

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