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Originally Posted by ktmspecial View Post
Update here.....

I loaded the EVO 1 map today and I can only echo what BlackSP said.....IT WORKS GREAT! All of the twitchyness and lack of power with the OEM map is gone. The bike is butter smooth all through the revs, pulls hard from down low and with stock gearing it actually power wheelies in 3rd gear....that blew me away!

Technically this map doesn't state it's for an aftermarket exhuast so maybe there is even more coming when better maps come out, but all I can say is this is a night and day improvement and well worth doing.

Regarding the FMF pipe, I can confirm that you can buy the ones listed for prior years and it bolts right up......I have a friend with an 2010 Enduro so was able to confirm fitting prior to ordering, but rest assured it will fit.

Enjoy fellas.....
Thanks for the update, might give the EVO 1 a go as well.
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