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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
Taking what we thought we've seen before yet there's something very special about your imagery.

And riding a Super T down the end of the Rubicon trail... Now that's something.
Thanks for the kind words, glad you're enjoying the thread.

I'm sure you know this already, (You did say the "end" of the Rubicon trail) but just for the record for other readers that only skim these reports, I want to make it clear that I wasn't on the part of The Rubicon that gives it it's nasty reputation as a world class Jeep trail capable of challenging the best. Anyone who has ridden a bike all the way through really had to earn the right to say they did

Originally Posted by muskeg View Post
I'm enjoying your efforts, your photography has come a long way! Keep it up.

Amazing you remembered that post and pulled it up!

I still carry that same point and shoot as a backup and sometimes my only camera when I can't bring larger gear. It's funny how satisfying the journey has been so far.

WARNING: Storytime

I remember when I was roadracing and that was everything in my life. A friend of mine that was a lot faster than I quit right in his prime and I couldn't understand why. In a later conversation he explained to me that he was working at becoming a professional chef and that the new challenges of learning that craft were more inspirational than racing to him. I thought he was crazy.

Well here I am years later and I think I finally get it. The challenge of trying to master photography is new and fresh and if anything my riding skills are getting stale or even going backwards as I don't push the edge very often anymore. I don't want it to ever replace my joy for riding, but it's helping me see some of the same old rides in a whole new light.
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