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Originally Posted by iRoC_nOtU View Post
this sounds great but I'm a little bit of a noob when it comes to off road riding on the KLR 650 ... dont have any other bike.. and if i were to come along which I must likly will haha.. do they have beginner to expert support groups to ride with? just wondering keep me posted.

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Beginner to experts are more then welcome! The terrain is varied, and in some places it's easy with lots of great scenery. Every now and again it gets tough, due to the lack of a trail or the deep sand, or even a rutted out hard dirt hill climb.

We don't have "groups" because the amount of riders is not that large. We all stick together or will fan out over a few miles to keep the dust down. However, we often regroup every 10 miles or less, and what I call "leap frog" the corners or Ys in the road.

Something that would help you in the ride, is a garmin based GPS and the ability to read it or comprehend where you need to be. It's very helpful on this kind of ride.

You'll also need a chase vehicle, or to carpool with another chase. This is explained on the website under "rider requirements", but in a nut-shell it's for your own safety. Our days are long, and we keep a pretty brisk pace. If you get tired, and want to bail out for a portion of the ride... or your bike has issues that can't be fixed trail side and need to put the bike up in the truck... you need to have that option. I don't supply anyone's chase for the ride.

Lastly, you'd be asked to obtain donations to the charity of choice. You can do the minimum, or you can work your tail off as a rider did last year (he raised $1600.00) and help make our ride most beneficial.

... before I'd even take your deposit, we'd have a lengthy phone conversation about the ride and your comfort level. This would help me explain some of the details and you'd be able to feel out the logistics and what the ride is all about. PM me your info, and I'll give you a call at your convenience.
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