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Originally Posted by alexisan View Post
and we are still not further guys. The thread titels "how much for decent suspension.."
There is no one single answer on price.
Where you buy the parts, prices may vary. Who does the work, prices may vary. And how much you feel you need to do, prices will vary.
You ask an open ended question.

I'll give my approximate cost total. Under $2000.
Although this is on my 658, comparisons can be made.
This included a Hyperpro shock (800 spec, very nice), WITH BLACK SPRING! LOL (No purple spring for me)
Around $800 for the shock alone.
Race Tech guts for adjustability, springs, oil and labor from a qualified suspension guy.
I had extras in my build with longer fork tubes and side & center stand extensions.

When you know what you want to do, and you have the money to do it... You do it. It is going to cost.
If you don't know what to do... Don't do it.


Keep studying alexisan, there are more threads than this one on the subject.

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