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Keys for old-style BMW panniers, the square ones

Hi again this is one of my stupid ideas, I bought a whole lot of these keys because I know they are as rare as hens teeth and most of them unobtainable. I thought about reproducing them and becoming a millionaire ha ha but failed abysmally because no blanks are found. Now, I found these keys in Argentina, old stock sleeping at a warehouse. In Argentina and as a rule of thumb parts are US prices x 2, so yes laugh at me I paid USD $15 per key.
These are the numbers I have: #040 #042 #045 #046 #047 #048 #049 #050 #051 #052 #053 #054 #055 #056 #060 #064 #066 #067 #068 #069
So if you are interested please let me know, we can workout something as this has been a total loss for me. I am right now in Germany. Postage should be as cheap as a standard letter but there wont be insurance...still should workout allright.
Here is a picture of the panniers and where to find the code on the latch, both stolen from the internet. I am also after a #041 top latch if you have one I am happy to trade.
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