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Originally Posted by brainfreeze View Post
I really like the Balanced oils as well. Also looking at the TCX Infinity with Gore Tex liner but there are no dealers in my area in Texas to look at pair. Anyone know if the Infinity with Goretex will be cooler than the Balanced oil with Drytech?? Or, are all boots of this type about the same in the heat?

I live in South Texas - Corpus Christi to be exact - and I wear my Gaerne Oiled Balance boots on every single ride now, and that's almost every single day. As you know it's been ***HOT*** down here lately (we hit a record 105 the other day, and inland on a ride I saw 107), and my feet have as cool as cucumber. No problems.

In fact, I'd almost be willing to swear the Oiled Balance boots are actually cooler to wear than the AXO and Vendramini *VENTED* mesh boots I used to wear in the summer months. Those boots have remained on the shelf since I got the Gaerne boots, as have the Kochmann boots and any other brand I've collected over the decades of riding. I haven't done winter with the Gaerne boots yet but no doubt in cold weather they'll be better than anything else I've got.

Don't ask me why they're cooler, but wear 'em with a pair of UnderArmour Heatgear socks and you'll be comfy as is possible even in scorching temperatures.

Just my two centavos... YMMV, of course.



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