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I bought the tights and the long sleeve shirt, and have done some 300+ mile days in mild weather, which previously would have had my butt in agony. This past weekend I did some hot weather riding, and I added an Alaska Sheepskin pad, after hearing how great they are. Well, the LD tights, with my Motoport stretch Kevlar over the top apparently keep me too warm on the sheepskin, as my old nemesis monkey butt returned in full force. About halfway through day 1 I finally took the sheepskin off, and while it felt better, once the monkey butt had started, it wasn't about to clear up while still riding the bike. I think the LD tights would have been okay on their own, but the sheepskin was just too restrictive of airflow.
I didn't take my LD long sleeve shirt with me, and I experimented with several different synthetic short sleeved shirts, soaking them in a sink and then wearing them wet inside my stretch Kevlar jacket, with only the arm vents zipped open. All of the ones I tried dried out within about 45-60 minutes, and I was sorry that I had not taken the LD long sleeved top along to compare. I'll do that on the next hot ride.
Soaking the front of my thighs in the tights didn't seem to do much cooling, but I am used to wearing Bohn Armor tights prior to getting my Motoport overpants, so I can tolerate some heat in my legs, as long as I can keep my torso and core cool on top.
While I need to do some more experimenting, I am convinced that the soaking/evaporative cooling trick really works.
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