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Awesome... Solo TAT rider! Im in... looking fwd to your RR. Have fun but be careful out there. Sounds like you already had a close call with a deer. I find it best to slow way down whenever I see large, fast animals like deer as they will often freeze on the side of the road and wait until you get right next to them before they bolt. And, they seem to take the clearest, fastest route which is often strait across the road... right in front of you! I've nearly hit a couple deer myself and once was on the TAT.

I see you are camping... cool way to do the TAT on the cheap but you have to carry a lot more stuff. You may want to lighten up your load a little when you get to the western states as it gets a bit more technical in a few places which is not so much fun on a heavily loaded bike.

Anyway... thanks for taking the time to bring us along for the adventure.

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