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Originally Posted by lucky6600 View Post
Here is how the bike looks now. I have everything gone through and it starts right up. However, I need a pair of headers because the left side is bended and it leaks like crazy.
I have never worked on a bike with 6V so I have been facing few challenge. 1) Even for a turn signal light bulb, I can't get it from local NAPA store. 2) Need to either borrow or buy a 6V timing light gun 3)need to get a new 6V battery charger/tender to active the new 6V battery.

I feel somehow /2 is not as challenge than I expected because it's the simplest of all the airheads I had.

BTW, the photos were taken 5 feet away via an Iphone.

Just take a spare 12V battery and hook the timing light up to that. Clip the induction lead to the plug wire you're working on. Works fine. Check both sides for "differential timing".
Battery Tender Plus works well on a 6V battery.
Max's in Brookfield should have those bulbs for you...
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