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Originally Posted by jessepitt
I had those on my last DR and never got them to stay put. They also seemed to collect a lot of dirt and I had to clean them regularly. I used the stock metal gaiter clamp because i had to clean them so often. I wont use them again, I will get new accordion style gaiters.
Well, the old ones seemed to work well enough, but the p.o. didn't seem to ride thru/in water much. I may switch over to the gaiters and be done with it.
Originally Posted by doug s.
have you tried using the fork brace itself as a clamp?

doug s.
I thought of that doug but the brace has a tolerance fit and there would be no way to get the Skin in there without destroying it or having issues fitting the brace itself.

I think I'll take a crack at using the metal gaiter clamps (instead of zip-ties). If that fails, it''l be back to the o.e. gaiters. Thanks for the feedback.
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