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Originally Posted by alexisan View Post
So the topic was apt how much needs to be spend on alternative suspension.
Which alternatives are out there? And who has got experiences?
I think the alternatives have been discussed pretty well, between here and other threads.

How much to spend depends on how deep your pockets are and what you feel your needs are.

For myself, I ride 30-50% dirt/gravel roads in various conditions, usually potholes. The forest service roads here in TN are VERY different than what I have seen in CO, UT etc. we do not have the wide open road to tear down at high speed, 30-40 mph is not too unreasonable.

Riding like that I am now seeing the weakness in the suspension (about 5000-6000mi /year). the bike is very undersprung on both ends, and there is nothing that can be done for the valving.

I started doing some reading online, talking to friends and purchased Ned's suspension book (

After all this I feel that to make me happier it will cost me about $2000, the ak-20 Traxxion kit is $1200 + $200 labor, I am told I can get a Wilburs shock for about $500.
Both of them are setup for the individual rider.

the Ohlins USA setup sounds great, but at $2000 for the forks and $800 for a shock, I can't believe I'll see that much more improvement, I'm not that good a rider.

I never got a response to an Email from Racetech, so they don't get my business.

There is no reson you can't buy the bike and ride it alot in stock conditions, you asked what could be done to the engine for $2000, that buys a lot of gas. Get it ride it and then worry about what YOU want to do.
the best thing to buy for your bike is gas.....Neduro
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