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Bus and Ride Exploring East Jesus (April 22nd)

(This entry was HUUUUGE so I had to split it into two posts... hope you all don't mind the massive amount of pictures! )

Even with going to sleep at 2 am and waking up at 8, I awoke to the day having already gotten ahead of me it was already 80 and the sun had barely come up! Yikes!

I wandered over to the kitchen/lounging area and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but FRESH, HOT PANCAKES! Complete with butter and syrup! In the middle of nowhere! Thanks, Frank!

There were some interesting conversations over breakfast. A couple of women, both from LA, discovered that they were essentially neighbors one was opening up a coffee shop literally down the street from where the other lived. Strange coincidence, going to the middle of nowhere to meet your neighbors! Frank was nonplussed. He explained that this kind of serendipity happens constantly at East Jesus, that hed seen it so many times hes come to expect it as a matter of course. He relayed a recent experience, where a small independent film crew showed up, but had no special effects person, and a special effects person just happened to be staying there at the time.

Ive found in my journeys that strange places like this do seem to attract more serendipity than normal, perhaps the people are more open to it, with no set schedule or assumptions about how things will progress...

I wandered around East Jesus for a while, before it got too hot, taking photos of everything I could. And there was a LOT to take photos of!

Most of the sculpture was made out of repurposed materials. During the tour, Frank mentioned that it was a driving ideal behind most of the art mattress springs become fencing, bottles become a wall, shell casings become art.

Charlie, the creator of East Jesus, used to take this van to Burning Man and pick up chicks by offering them chocolate martinis. Thus the First Church of the Chocolate Martini was born.

The Tower of Barbarella was pretty awesome.

I believe this mammoth made out of tire scraps was a refugee from another art gallery.

I could stare at this place for hours and never see every detail. Frank agreed even living here for months, you will stumble across small bits and pieces you never noticed before.

Even the composting toilets were covered in art...

DANGER! Armed and bitter libertarian drunkards live here.

The desert was vast, with the Chocolate Mountains in the distance.

RIP Charlie.

Down the rabbit hole we must go...

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