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Yea, is that normal? I expect it is since there aren't any chunks gone from my cam, it just surprised me to see it open less than the right.
So...... My dumb a$$ didn't make sure that the secondary rocker arm on that intake valve stayed up when the valve cover got installed. Long story short, I found it, after the engine was in the frame and wired up. I couldn't get the center bolt of the cover loose, while the engine was in the frame.

I put my mad skills, from the classic game "Operation" to test. I successfully dropped the wave washer and rocker arm into the head, magnetized a screw driver, found the wave washer, and spent 15 minutes with a curve pair of needle nose pliers and got the arm between the other rocker and the valve stem. I wouldn't recommend doing it that way.

Now the valve opens the same distance as the other. With that brain fart out of the way, on to the good news!
I started it, and rode the open header beast down the street. Seems to run really strong. It also goes STRAIGHT! I was worried after the mass amounts of custom suspension components. I think it's going to bring plenty of smiles. Now it's time to finish cutting the tail braces for the subframe and take it to my friend at Medusa Fabrications, to build the aluminum tank. Then take it all apart again, for paint and finishing touches.

Smoke in video is from back tire. I was coming in a little hot, towards my truck (camera was on rear bumper).
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