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Holy crap guys, I leave for a few days and I come back to dozens of replies! I'm flabbergasted! If this keeps up it'll be hard to reply to all of you... Suffice it to say that for everybody who's subscribed, I'm glad to have you along! I'll try to keep up on replies, but this'll get exponentially harder when I don't have access to a PC anymore...

Originally Posted by JCates View Post
Thanks for writing this down. I'll try to keep up!
It'll get easier once I'm up to date! The only reason this is going so quickly is I already have notes and pictures, I just have to process and assemble them (which takes a surprising amount of time!)

Originally Posted by achesley View Post
An intertaining young gal on a DR650 roaming about the country is great. Plus a unique style about telling her story. Keep it coming, Love it! Your bus ride had me pondering on my bus rides from home to San Diego and Carlsbad , California in the early 60's. Really put a smile on my face. Safe Journies.
I'm glad you like it! Somehow I think Greyhound had to be better back in the 60s... less fascist security theater for sure!

Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
so far, you are one of the better story tellers. .. right up there with radioman, idave, crashmaster and the couple that rode the 250 ninjja all over mex and central america...can't remember their names.
Really? I haven't really gone to that many exciting locations yet...

Originally Posted by papaduc View Post
You sound like one of them "Miscreants" to me.
But since I got nothing better to do I guess I could tag along

Don't let the innocent smile fool you, I'm definitely up to no good.

Originally Posted by Toadride View Post
The whole Jesustown thing was great! Hoping you come across more such bizzarosity. I am in.
I specifically seek out weird shit whenever I can. Spice of life and all that!

Originally Posted by wachs View Post
Larryboy sent a pm that I should see your thread - he was right, you're cool

If you get up into the Bend area for crap's sake, stop by and let us get you some proper luggage before something gets tangled up in the wheel or chain!
I appreciate the offer! I'm currently in the process of putting together a set of mermite cans which should solve most of my problems, but it's definitely taking some time to get done. Luckily nothing's gotten tangled up yet...

Originally Posted by Little Bike View Post
I've fantasized about what you're doing, but I was raised to be "practical", f that sometimes! It was cool to hear that you started out on a Rebel - I've had mine since January and have been on one 800 mile trip and am setting off on a destinations unknown trip early July (with about 4 weeks to play). I teach and I don't think they would give me a leave of absence to experience what you're doing for a year and if I quit there is no way I would get another position any time soon given the California economy. Have to be an after retirement plan.

I'm glad you had a good experience at Slab City - they get a bad rap too often. I haven't seen Salvation Mountain yet, its on my list of rides for fall, I'm one of the weird people who like the Salton Sea area - I think its fascinating.

Kudos to you and stay safe!
Thanks! I was raised to be practical too, but I tend to be on the rebellious side, and thankfully the dice have mostly landed in my favor. There's been a lot of times where if shit had hit the fan in a slightly different way, I would have ended up in some pretty dire straits. Definitely not risks I could take if I had people depending on me.

Rebels are great little bikes. I'm very happy I started on one. Good luck with your trip in July! Seek out the unexpected and roll with whatever comes by! Oh, and don't forget to write yourself notes every day, or you'll lose details to enjoying the moment, haha.

Originally Posted by Nixels View Post
Hmmm, she rides...

And writes!

Just like Gadget Boi

Great to have you along, Nicky! I'm aaaaalmost to the bay area part of the story... hahaha.

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Hey Fey, I'm here too.

Can't let a good ride report get by without subscribing to it. Beside if you're hanging out with LarryBoy and Nixels I need to be around to keep an eye on the entire bunch of you. You sure do pick up some strange friends .....Hi Rob and Nicky Did anyone invite Little Wan to this party?

This report is going to be one of the greats and I plan to be along for the ride.
Hey Sherry! Glad to have you! I hope I can get to the Hells Canyon part of the RR before the next ice age...

Originally Posted by limeymike View Post
Poor Johnny Cash, he must be dizzy from rolling over in his grave so much, thanks for sharing the video, I think . .

Loving the report, keep it comin'
My thoughts exactly!! That's why you only see the second half of the song, I was too busy laughing to film...

Originally Posted by Scott_PDX View Post
Feyala, nice meeting you at Hells Canyon. Looks like you had some grand adventures before even getting there. Looking forward to the continuing adventure.
Hey thanks! Was good meeting you too!

Originally Posted by GypsyWriter View Post
Lol, I subscribed earlier so I wouldn't lose the thread and just now read it. Can I just say I WANNA BE YOU WHEN I GROW UP!??!? I did a bunch of travelling when I was younger and you're RR is reminding me why.

East Jesus is on my list of must-visits now. That place looks in-freaking-CREDIBLE. The "Bible" band amused me, the other video was horrifying. I read the EJ website, and although the Dude doesn't approve of the toilets I think they're pretty ingenius. Really am looking forward to visiting there, never got to Slab City on my 2009 roadtrip through there!!

I'm so IN!!!!
Man, you just don't appreciate toilets until you find yourself in a location without so much as a porta potty... the composting toilets were pretty amazing! There was almost no smell, not even in that heat. You should definitely check out the Slabs if you get a chance, though do try to aim for fall/winter/spring, as I wouldn't wish 110F on my worst enemy!

Originally Posted by Ivyleague View Post
except for age, sex, and experience. I respect anybody under 5'5" who can ride an unmodified DR. Like your style...
Awww, thanks! Now if only I can get better at riding it off road...

Originally Posted by Mistress of the dual View Post
Hey Feyala, look how many people are already subscribed. I think there are a lot of people living vicariously through you. Since you are living a vagabond nomadic lifestyle you should check out the Tent Space Map found here:
Yeah, I'm amazed at how many people are digging this report! And the Tent Space Map has been an invaluable resource so far... but I don't want to spoil the story!

Originally Posted by muddyrabbit View Post
Feyala, we have a couch reserved for you if you ever pass through Ohio! Just awesome how you are experiencing life and the world!
Thanks! I might take you up on that sometime!

Originally Posted by adventurebound9517 View Post
This has been an unbeliveable ride and life you are on. If you ask me this is publication quality material and you should persue this to help fund your lifestyle. I sit here reading with great interest of your journey and wishing I had the ability to put your lifestyle in motion. Good for you and thanks for keeping the rest of us who would love to be doing what you do but can't or won't leave our own comfort zone.
Wow, thanks for the compliment!!

I'd love to make this trip self-funding... going back to work is always a bit of a drag, and I think corporate sponsorship would make me feel like a bit of a sell-out. Not really sure where to take this... I'll figure it out eventually!

Originally Posted by limeymike View Post
Going cross country on a Greyhound bus qualifies for an RR without mentioning the bike ride.
Adventure Greyhounders? Hmmmmm. NEVER AGAIN!
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