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For those of you following my story, I have some questions...

Would you prefer me to use a different color for my text so they are easy to pick out from the replies?

Are there any things you think I could do better?

Any burning questions you have, things you'd like to see in the future, suggestions or whatever? I'm happy to take photo requests, I've got nothing but time!

I did evolve a bit over the course of documenting this, and I definitely started taking photos "for the ride report". I know there are not many pictures of the road yet - there will be! It's been a challenge to learn that it's okay to stop on the shoulder to whip out the camera. Most of the roadways I like the best have almost no shoulder though, and I am not comfortable riding while taking a photo with the other hand. Maybe eventually I will invest in a helmet cam, but I'm not sure if single frames from those make passable still shots... hmm...

As I said, this is my first RR and I am still learning.
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