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The ADVRider - rampant speculation department:

One of the comments I saw about the HRC press release, read; "Looks like a drawer full of Ginzu knives..."

Now bearing in mind that this is just an artist rendering... not a functional prototype... it still raises the question; what bits and pieces will HRC use/develop to make their "official" CRF 450 based rally bike...?

There are a great number of teams that have developed rally kits and accessories for the Honda 450 platform... Will HRC use/borrow ideas or components from any of these... or will they produce a 100% in house original "HRC" solution of their own...???!

It sure is an interesting thing to consider... the first time since the EXP-2 Honda two stroke project (in mid 90's) that a Japanese manufacturer has made an effort to build/run it's own factory effort for DAKAR!

Dare we entertain the thought what this might have for production models in future...? Hope springs eternal I guess...?

Anyway... here a (just a few) of the various CRF based bikes that various teams have produced over the last couple of years for Dakar... will be very curious to see if HRC borrow any ideas/design cues from some of these...?

Lot's to choose from...
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