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Originally Posted by docsherlock View Post
Just out of interest, what makes you think you know better than an international company with a large marketing department? Their marketing obviously works and just because it doesn't suit you, you slag it off.

It ain't all about you, ya know.....
There's a lot that agree with him.

So pray tell, other than name, what's the difference between the old Dakar 650 and the new Sertao?

How many F650s are there?

When is a 650 not a 650? When it's revamped as a 700 that is actually an 800?

Stop the insanity. Lets call apples apples.

The only reason they sell bikes at all is because they are reasonably good and expensive enough to make them elitist.

If it cost more than your neighbours, it must be good...right? Nothing quite says "in your face you poor-ass blue collar slob", than turning up to the cafe on a sunny Sunday mounted on your BMW when your neighbour has shown up on his KLR650.

That sells them more bikes than marketing, advertising, and actually having decent bikes ever could. Unfortunately.

Even my local BMW dealer admits this. It's like the Harley crowd selling the "lifestyle". Selling dreams to cashed up wannabe "Easy Riders" and "Rebels without a clue".

BMW sells bikes to cashed up wannabe "Ewan and Charlies". I fell for it. I'll admit it. The hype got me.

But I really wish they'd get the naming thing sorted. I get sick of explaining it to curious people.
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