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Originally Posted by jlpred View Post
Here is a horrible cell phone pic. Michael, feel free to chime in with some mounting tips. I wanted to try to keep the bags forward of the rear axle. I also wanted to keep the "flaps" slightly above the seat. The mounted "buttons" are pretty close to my rear seat. I did this because the plastic is not anchored anywhere after the rear seat bolts on the WRR/X. I may regret this when I try to mount a (future purchase) US series bag. The opposite side looks weird because I tried to tuck it in to the gigantic stock exhaust. That bag sits much more angled.

Hey Jeff,

Firstly congrats on receiving one of the first Overlander 30s in the US!

With regards to the fitment, I'd have been tempted to place the Rack Loops a little further back - that way you can experiment with the positioning of the bags more by simply loosening or tightening the cam straps in order to get the bags running a shade more diagonally along the side panels. Maybe even testing out the criss-cross rear straps configuration. I wouldn't worry too much about fixing them real close to the points where the plastics are anchored because the vast majority of the forces involved will be lateral, rather than vertical, so the plastics should hold up fine.

This would move the load back, but not too far back (i.e. into accidental wheelie territory). As long as the mass is spread throughout the center of the axle, there'll be no issues. And bearing in mind that you sit pretty far forward on a bike like this, loading up the rear is no big deal any way, as long as you take it into consideration with your riding style and possibly increase the rear pre-load a little, as you would for any luggage set-up.

In terms of adding a US tail bag in future, as long as the second pair of Rack Loops are at approximately the right distance from the rear pair, you shouldn't have any issues.

I'd be interested to see the other [exhaust] side. I have a feeling that moving the rear Rack Loops back might improve the fit there.

That said, if you're happy with the placement, then that's all that matters. How and where the bags are placed is entirely up to the rider. So, as long as it's securely fitted, you're good to go.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


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