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Originally Posted by Nwrider206 View Post
Another misc question. Since you have a Scambler you might have an idea. I currently have 1 US20 tailbag on a Bonnie. Want to add more for a touring setup. Was thinking a 30 and another 20 for 70 liters. But I have a concern that the 30 Might be to large for the back seat. The 20 just seems to fit for length.
Just wondering what your professional thoughts are.
Might also play with the straps and attaching the bag a few inches further back.
Hi Don,

The US-30 is actually only around 2" longer than the US-20, so it shouldn't be an issue - especially with the new Alloy Hook Straps, which enable the pack to be secured further back at the rearmost point of the subframe, where it will not shift forward. So the difference will be negligible at the most

However, if you do find that the 30 is encroaching on your seat space, you could always mount it across the saddle, as opposed to in-line with it, which will actually give you more room than you already have with the US-20. The only downside to this configuration is that you can't then mount a US-20 on either side. But this still leaves you with the option to stack your US-20 on top of it (or indeed another US-30) and possibly use a US Tank adaptor to mount a second US-20 on the tank to get your 70 liters that way.

Personally, I tend to travel as light as possible and generally just use a UScombo40 on the tail, with a 10 or 20 on the tank and any camping gear etc strapped to a rear rack (my bike is something of a workhorse and I went for a Renntec one). Alternatively, a rear rack could be used to carry more US packs.

I hope that helps, but feel free to post up any more questions you may have.


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