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Originally Posted by Mifune View Post
I'm a huge fan of all the Kirega products. My R35 backpack is looking forward to its tenth birthday pretty soon and going strong. Just wish there were a convenient way to attach a hydration pack to it. I've got a US20 permanently attached to the spare pillion "seat" of my Ducati 1098 and sometimes hang a pair of US10s off the side. The toolroll is one of several I bring with me on longer trips with the 640Adv. The fork seal protectors do the job. And I have a big US30 that I haven't quite decided waht to do with just yet. Actually, my favorite little bit of Kriega kit is a waterproof inner bag that came with my R35. I've been keepign all of my electronic stuff in that for ages and am genuinely amazed at how it has held up.
Hi Mifune,

The R35 is a great pack, but, as you know, it not designed to take a hydration kit. The R15 and R20 are fully hydration compatible with an integral compression pocket for the reservoir and routing ducts for the drinking tube, while the R25 can accommodate a 3L reservoir in the outer pocket and an optional Velcro tube locator secures the drinking tube to the upper harness.

Thanks for your kind words about Kriega gear though - it's always great to hear that it's doing its job.


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