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Great thread. I lived & rode around Scotland for 12 years & you have brought back a few memories. Thank you.

Maxi Scoots? Yup, last time I was in Scotland there were packs of European riders, mainly on Beemers & always accompanied by a few maxi's. I was particularly impressed with the comfort & weather protection they afford, far more important than outright performance most of the time. They seemed to go well too, up to the speed limit.
A smart choice for those genuinely touring in the GT sense of the word.
I also saw quite a few on the roads in Europe, it's embarrassing hanging onto your bike in full atgatt, sweating your jewels off at 90mph & a scoot comes past ridden by some dude in shorts, texting. A great leveler. Fortunately we wasted him in the twisties...
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