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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
wow... If that is the case, it would seem that Chaleco has succeeded in negotiating himself a "best of both worlds" safety clause for his 2013 dakar aspirations. A new ride, with a new and very committed team... but, if the "new" bike does not live up to expectations, he he still has the opportunity to fall back to the proven mount, and run under the B/F team colours.

I always thought it was strange that Chaleco would leave Aprilia for B/F, soley on the premise that they were developing a new bike from scratch (he's been there, done that). Then came the press release of the interim team co-operation with KTM (made sense), and now they release a promising new bike of their own design (kudos!)
This latest news/rumour would appear to be Chaleco's "fall back plan" if the new dream bike is not up to speed in time for january?
It would have been wise to run 2 or 3 bikes in a 'stealth' mode during the coming Dakar, if you'd ask me, make it a 3 year plan to reach the top.. This contract option for Chaleco is good for him, but none of us would like to see any new bike project fail in the first year because the results might lack.

On another note, KTM were not very happy having to compete with a 2 cylinder bike, so they have an ongoing lobby/protest to have the Ape's excluded. Had Aprilia made a real effort or had Chaleco continued (BF bike with a twin?) with Aprilia, there could have been a serious protest and rule change if you'd ask me..
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