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Originally Posted by pm9654 View Post
I STILL don't get BMW's take on this model. First calling it a 650, now a 700. Pumping up the hp/torque a bit, but come on, through in the powerplant of the GS800 and call it a day. Is even a beginner gonna get into that much more trouble with those extra 10 horses?
Don't get me wrong, I really like the bike. Just would have a hard time throwing my money down when I could pick up a Tiger with more horses. But I guess I'd have to ride both first, then make up my mind.
No, do not throw in the F800GS motor. Thats what the F800GS is for.

The F650/700GS motor has a much better low end and midrange powerband
for people who want that kind of power and not the top end concentrated F800GS powerband.

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