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An F800S? I had one of those from 2007. Got it used and had all kinds of issues one of which was like yours. It ran great for a while but as soon as the weather warmed up, and the bike warmed up, it routinely died. Some rides it would cut out only once and on others it would cut every time I cut the throttle. The local BMW shop had multiple calls into BMWNA, couldn't find fault codes, etc. Finally they replaced the standard vent lines with a new molded unit. Can't tell you more than that because I did not do the work but apparently the older model units had soft hoses that did not maintain their integrity so they created a unit that had several molded together. Problem fixed. Read the F800S/ST pages and you will find many similar stories and their fixes. I loved that bike more than any other but had too many problems with it. Good luck.
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