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Welcome to the asylum!

If you havnt been bitten by the bug yet, you will be and then you'll really love owning your Airhead. They can easily become an addiction!

I knew immedietly from the manufacturing date, that you have a 'transitional bike' and believe me, those things can be "fun". All these little detail differences here and there. After a while, it's just part of the charm!

If I'm not mistaken, that side stand is a "Shufefoot" and they are generally considered to be /2 items. If yours is welded to your footpeg, don't cut it off, just replace the peg. The surefoots are really good stands. Theyre utilaterian, they can stand up to the weight of a loaded bike and they won't let the bike "roll off the stand" but then again, I'm one of the several guys who like the stock stands just fine. At least you won't have to worry about draging them during spirited riding!

That "Reynolds Ride Off" centerstand? I wouldnt be so quick to cut it up or throw it away. First, look for the part number and a I might be able to tell you whether it's the correct one for your bike. They came in several lengths, depending on the bike model and yours may well not be "correct". Theyre also designed such that you should be able to roll the bike on and off the stand w/o much effort. Thats a good thing for you old guys. but if you keep it, put a length of 2x4 in the bags, just in case you get a flat and need to get your tire(s) up in the air. Me? I like the RRO stands but don't currently own one and I also don't have a sidestand on my bike right now either. Just the stocker. Go figure...

If you remove that center stand, clean it up and put it on the shelf. Those things are getting scarce and you might want it sooner or later.

The other side of the coin is that the stock /6 centerstands are expensive new from BMW and good used ones are a little scarce. I'd look for a used one and be prepared to have a little welding done if the botton is badly worn. Most of us have been there and done that.

Hot tip! When you take that switch apart, do it within a plastic bag please. Don't ask, just do it!

If you can get together with CDD, I'd suggest that you do so. Hes become a dyed in the wool Airhead and hes a pretty good guy to boot. (Or at least he was when I met him!) He'll probably be able to save you a lot of head scratching and cursing during this early period of ownership. Especailly if your bike isnt running yet. Most of us around here whould have that bike running in an evening and once you have a runner, everything else falls into place.

Drain the tank, clean if necessary, check the floats, change the oil, add fresh fuel, charge the battery and it'l probably start right up. Everything else is either restoration or maintenance.

Oh... And buy at least one shop manual. I'd suggest the Haynes to begin with.

Good luck!

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