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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
That is why I still believe the 900cc will makes its way into the BMW line up.
Maybe, but I think they'd keep the firing angle as it is now. I read somewhere when researching it that it was deliberately built the way it is to get the same sound as the 1200. It sounds like a boxer, basically.

If they change it, they lose that "BMW" connection.

So maybe they'll go with just the bore and stroke?

Who knows? If they take the Nuda motor as is, then why buy a Nuda? They wouldn't take away from a brand they already own? Surely?

Marketing works in mysterious ways. Maybe they'll just leave it as is for the next 4 years and keep selling to the cafe latte tourers? It seems to make up a large slice of their market locally. Why make changes for the minority?

BMW appears at face value to have decided who makes up their target market for each model and aimed the models squarely at them. The local dealer will tell any one enquiring that if they want to do off road like me, buy the 650 single. If you want to do 2-up touring like me, buy the 1200.

I've listened to the sales talks with potential customers, and if they propose that they want to use the F800GS like a lot of us on here do, they start recommending other bikes.

Essentially, they are marketing it as a commuter/weekend solo tourer, with a touch of BMW class.

It's a lot easier market segment to keep happy.
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