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Originally Posted by nomad5326 View Post
I question the idiot naming/marketing branding on BMW's part. Just make all bikes GS and GS Adventure. It would have covered the

F650GS/Dakar and now G/Sertao - F650GS and GSA
The new F650GS/F800GS - F800GS and GSA

How hard is it? Geez! They did it correctly with the R1200GS...
If BMW start doing that, they might as well just jump on-board with Harley's naming conventions and be done with it. It's bad enough that they already label "Adventure" bikes separately from the normal GS bikes. "Gelände/Straße" is already supposed to mean "off-road" which one would think would also mean "adventure"!

Most of the "Adventure" bikes that I see are usually only used for suburban commuting anyway, and though I'm an advocate of a bike making every little trip into an adventure, I'm pretty sure that's not what the boys in Berlin had in mind.

Ultimately, it's all how the bike's used. FFS, Ted Simon's Tiger was little more than a customised street bike by today's standards!
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