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Is a service Honda/Kawasaki 500 worth it?

Basically just wondering if a service honda/kawasaki 500 is worth the money? The Honda 500 is 11,999, and the Kawasaki is 12,499. This seems like a lot of money for a little lighter and better handling cr. As a side note, I could get a Maico 700 for around 10,000 shipped to my door. With lights and license plate on it for a "possible" street legal bike. I've spoken to the guy and all the Maico parts are on hand with any other parts being a few days out. Reliability actually seems pretty even between the three bikes. The 500's will weigh less, but not by much and given the additional power of the 700, I doubt it would be much of a difference in power to weight ratio. I rode a cr500 a few times and can only imagine how much more these bikes will feel even compared to that. It's easy to have a prejudice against the Maico, but I can't find a basis for it other than heebee-jeebees about rarity of the bike and dealers. Since both dealers would have to ship parts I needed anyway, I don't see much of a difference there. Basically, I would probably get the service bikes if they were 2 grand cheaper out the door, but given they are not, I want to know why. Any info on these bikes or similar bikes would be great; such as reasons why one is or is not better then the other, or why they are all bad/good. Thanks
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