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Well done Troy

A little bit of Honda history (since I am bored)

1982 Honda wins its first Dakar with rider Cyril Neveu The win is slightly overlooked by the media hype of Marget Thatchers son getting lost in the desert. Cyril rode an xr550

In 1986 Cyril again won the Dakar, this time on a NXR750. Once again the media spot light was redirected with the passing of the founder of the race (Thierry Sabine) in a heli crash.

1987( Cyril Neveu), 1988 (Cyril neveu) and 1989 (Edi Orioli) all saw Honda at the top of the podium.

Honda bikes have remained a constant in the Dakar and up to 2010 there had been 52 bikes entered. The bikes have come in all shapes and sizes with different companies backing the riders and teams.

Sorry, just random info from the web. Stoked HRC is coming to play
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