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Originally Posted by pfarrell View Post
hey michael,

can you advise on fitment of of the US tank system on an R1200GS? i have a couple of tail packs sitting around...
have you guys tested this on an actual bike? needs to be extra secure for off road....

Hi Patrick,

Yup. Absolutely everything we make has been seriously tested on all kinds of bikes on and off-road.

The US Tank adapter fits to the GS in the same way as it does pretty much any other bike. The front loop straps wrap around any solid fixing point, which doesn't interfere with the controls, cables or steering, such as the frame, headstock or rad mounts. The rear straps attach to a pair of self-adhesive, industrial strength Velcro (which is very strong) pads that can be stuck onto the tank, frame or underside of the seat. Then the adapter can be positioned as preferred. When the seat is put back on, the rear straps are stuck and trapped, so it is very secure. The adapter has a non-slip base, so it stays perfectly in place.

The US packs (the US-30 is a little too large for this application, but the US-5, US-10 or US-20 work very well as a tank bag) are then attached to the web loops on the adapter (there are a number of these, so the bag can be positioned fore or aft), using the compression or Alloy Hook straps (dependent on which model of US pack you own) included with the bag.

Here's a couple of pics of the US Tank (in this case with a US-5 attached) on a GSA. The second shot shows the system lifted out of the way for fueling, using the two quick-release clips on the rear straps.

I hope that helps, but please feel free to post if you need any more info.


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