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Originally Posted by WVhillbilly View Post
You just keep riding, writing and taking pictures.
We'll be fine.

It's your ride, we are just lurking along.
Be safe, and if you're coming thru WV give me a shout.
I will keep that in mind!

Originally Posted by WaywardSon View Post
Feyala..........I'm really enjoying your RR. Love your spirit of adventure & you have a very engaging style. Continue as long as you, things & stuff will become impediments to adventure soon enough.

And yes, a different color font does help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In till the end.......and thanks for taking the time to bring us along.

Look me up if you are ever in my neck of the woods.........Best...........John
Thanks! It's a constant battle against things and stuff... they seem to attack when I least suspect it, but so far I've been victorious! I hope to continue the trend.

Originally Posted by CamoGreg View Post

Recommended by Nicky, Larryboy and the Hells Canyon's gotta be good!
It is.
Awww, thanks!

Originally Posted by AirborneAndy View Post
Wow... great stuff Feyala. Glad I found this thread early cause Im a slow but obsessive reader. Cheers to you and to life outside the box.

BTW... I think your DR looks great in red... dont recall ever seeing a red one before.

The red is courtesy of the previous owner and some rattlecan. If you keep an eye out, you can actually see the paint disappear gradually over the course of the trip...

Originally Posted by Wilmo View Post
Looking forward to more, ride safe!
Safety third!

Originally Posted by GypsyWriter View Post

Looks great to me. And anyone on this site who uses the term "derpiest" is my instant hero.

PM me if you head up to the Central Valley, you've got a couch to sleep on here. Also, don't miss out on Sequoia National Forest, the views and trees up there are INCREDIBLE.
It's okay! I'm here from the internet!!

Sequoia is fabulous, I've been there once or twice on previous escapades, but this trip was coastal. I'll be back sometime, I can't seem to go a year without landing in California for some reason or another anyways...

I may take you up on that couch offer someday!

Originally Posted by Radioman View Post
Checking in on ADV RR..... and I stumble across your thread. Great!!

Enjoyed meeting you in Portland couple days before I left for India, see that you are attracting the best from the NW..... And Nicky

will follow along.

It was great riding with you, however briefly, to the meet in Portland. I've been following your RR since, and have read a significant chunk of the stuff in central and south america. You've sure gotten around! I'm glad you enjoyed the Himalayas!

I'm honored you're following along!

Originally Posted by Tall Mike View Post
Was good talking to you at HC! (wish I'd had more time to ride!)

... Next Year!

Can't wait for more stories from the road! ( AND pictures!)
Keep the shiny side up, the camera at the ready, and the story running!
It almost seems like I HAVE to go back to HC next year, as I didn't get to see all the trails people kept going on about... Was good meeting you!

Originally Posted by Scooterchick View Post
Wow, that is some kitchen! haha. My mother would have killed me!

Glad you are doing well on your adventure and that nobody bothered you in the night. It's good to have fun AND be safe at the same time....
To be fair, like 20 people lived in that house... even cleaning it multiple times a day, there's really no way around the clutter!

Originally Posted by Tall Mike View Post
Scooterchick said:

Amen... I try to get off the road a bit, is less interruption of sleep I have a Big Agnes sleeping bag... The inflatable pad slips in a pocket on the back...has in inflatable pillow too! It's an investment, but if you are always using it (and your back is tired of HARD ground) it's money well spent. My Eureka tent has enough room for me AND my gear, and holds out the weather well (not too derpy!)...that said, gear does not all come overnight, and you have to find what works for you (I am taller than you, so take bigger gear)... there are wonderful gear threads here on ADV that cover this at length.

Keep up the good work!
Plastic side up, seeing the world, writing a good tale! (I'm liking it! )
I did end up upgrading my gear in Portland... and I do have a BA bag, it just wasn't with me (I had to pack all of my MC gear on the bus and it didn't leave me much room for camping supplies so I had to wing it). Also didn't have a pad for it until very recently. Crappy gear definitely makes me appreciate the good stuff...
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