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I may be missing part of the point but doesn't it seem like the '99 BMW F650 fits the bill of a "debut" win. No factory-level support for a number of years and then a win with a new bike? I think that scenario most closely matches the question of all the examples given.

Yeah... kind of... that's exactly the point I was trying to make. Neither Schalber (engineers/team behind the bikes) nor Sainct (winning rider) were greenhorns... but the "team" they formed were on debut... and that's a relevant parallel to what Bordone-Ferrari and HRC Honda will likely be bringing to the table for Dakar 2013... hence the comparison.

BTW, I almost felt like I was reading text from a history book. Do you have a big binder full of rally notes or is this all in your memory? Impressive either way.

- Ken
Nope... no binder full of notes... most of what I write (90%) is basically from memory (often I just ramble away... People who have shared camp fires with me can confirm this ), and sometimes I will refer to the web to confirm some minor detail (dates and records about the early days - pre 1985 - are pretty fuzzy and sometimes hard to verify) - that's where the enthusiasm of some of the other ADV f5 dakar officionados come in handy. Some of the euro forum guys that have followed the sport since many years back - thanks again to fellows like Carlos M, Flood, Gian and others etc. as well as the US mainstays like Doyle and PackMule for what they bring to f5/ADV (We sometimes waffle on via PM's during january like a bunch of old nerds... but the enthusiasm is infectious ).

Personally, I've been a rally/Dakar/Safari-head since about 1985... so along with my own enduro/mx/rally involvement over that time... I dunno why, but much of the trivia stuff has just fastened in there.

Cheers all!
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