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Originally Posted by apt13 View Post

Since I couldn't ever find any simple and clean airhead inspired shirts I liked, I decided to make my own. And thought I might make a small run for anyone else who might like them.

The shirts are printed on a super soft 100% cotton tee. They are slightly "fitted" but not quite as tight as an American Apparel shirt. They are printed using the water-based discharge method so the print is also super soft and breathable so it's not a thick gob of ink on your chest. It's also more "eco-friendly" if you are into that sorta thing.

**(the print will feel "chalky" when you get the shirt. WASH BEFORE WEARING. that chalkiness is part of the discharge and it all washes out)**

I'm hoping that if these go over well I can do more brands of bikes and iconic tank stripe styles. So consider this a "limited edition test run." haha.

$18 each. You can order the shirts at my bigcartel site:

Just ordered both. Dig the designs. I'll buy pretty much anything with a motorcycle on it.

That said, you might want to revise your shipping prices. They're not totally outrageous, but I have a small business selling BMW parts over the internet ( and I've spent a lot of time working out pricing for online shipping. $14 to ship two t-shirts is an awful lot. A box from U-Line is less than a buck (You can usually buy 7"x7"x7" cubes for 35 cents) and shipping that with two t-shirts weight in it, even across country, should be less than $4.50.

I'm all for profit, but gouging on shipping has always rubbed me the wrong way.

Just throwing that out there! Can't wait to get the shirts.
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