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Originally Posted by guitarhack View Post
Tuesday, June 5th
Total Mileage: ~200

There are stalls surrounding the monument where the locals were selling souvenirs

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The side-trip to the monument served it's purpose (to kill a little time), but having been there once I wouldn't plan a vacation around it.
I have a pic of my daughter like that from about 8 years ago. Actually nice to see they constructed some rather handsome looking stalls. When we were there it was more like shacks made out of junk that were randomly located around the place. I also noticed all of the bottles, cans and trash for miles along the road leading to the monument. Since then I have told people not to bother going there as I found it really depressing (and there are so many other awesome places to see in the southwest) so good to see they have made improvements.

On a more positive note, great ride report! I was born and raised in Michigan but lived in Utah for 9 years before moving back to Michigan 2 years ago. Your pictures make me miss the West but bring back some great memories. Thanks for sharing.
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