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Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
That is essentially what I did with mine-- by the mid-'80's I wore the "tippy-toes" off the stock centerstand so I added a cross-piece made of galvanized plumbing pipe that hasn't worn through yet. And it has the advantae of providing a nice, wide and stable "foot" that doesn't sink into dirt or asphalt. I think that the inspiration was an acessory centrestand called the "BigFoot".

Pics attached:

I just stack shaped plates up on the curved part of the stand and weld them on and then grind them a bit if need be to reform the original curve. I weld the top of the stand there too. It will last a lot longer than brazing.

Man that stand in it's retracted position would kill me! I modify my center stand stops to allow my stands to retract further into the frame by quite a bit and I still get grind marks all over both sides of my center stands in both my LS and my R100. I drag them HARD without those road hooks protruding out like that. That's scary to me. Be careful! You might have to avoid a car some day and that stand could launch you right into it!
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