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Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Why not something like a Versys Matt, having ridden both that and a Dullville I know what Id take(and its got nowt to do with my username)......and good luck with Mod 1
For a few reasons really. The Honda would be more reliable, there's a dealer/garage less than a mile away etc. Biggest one is price. I'd be looking to spend 2 grand maximum and I haven't seen any Versys going for under that. Most Deauvilles are over that too but there are a few out there within my budget. I do realise it's considered dull but then so am I by most people who know me! Plus if I buy one, I won't need to change the name of this thread.

Thanks man. I was really struggling with the U-turn and slow control. With the Marauder if I'm moving slowly and steering I tend to just put my feet down and 'walk' it. So I've no practice at that kind of thing at all since my CBT. Half an hour with my instructor in a car park had me doing them without too much issue. We'll get a few warm up attempts before the actual test as well so if I have forgotten everything already that should get me sorted again.

Originally Posted by Irishrover63 View Post
Don't rule out a maxi scoot, great mpg, just twist and go, no more gear clunking. I was on the verge of selling my Honda SH300 last week and had my heart was set on a 650 Versys, then my head ruled my heart and I thought why am I going back to bikes again when I pay 35 per year road tax, 80 fully comp insurance, I get 90 plus mpg and my top speed is around 85mph. Just didn't add up so have decided to keep it for a while. Good luck with your choice.
When I first looked into getting a bike, it was because I wanted cheap, short range transportation. Once my Dad bought his bike, I started looking at something that would be more suited to the type of day trips I'm doing now. So I moved on from the idea of a scooter and never looked back. I'm certainly not against the idea but not sure I'd want one as my only bike. Touring is my goal, so I'll go with a tourer.

Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet View Post
Great thread. I lived & rode around Scotland for 12 years & you have brought back a few memories. Thank you.

Maxi Scoots? Yup, last time I was in Scotland there were packs of European riders, mainly on Beemers & always accompanied by a few maxi's. I was particularly impressed with the comfort & weather protection they afford, far more important than outright performance most of the time. They seemed to go well too, up to the speed limit.
A smart choice for those genuinely touring in the GT sense of the word.
I also saw quite a few on the roads in Europe, it's embarrassing hanging onto your bike in full atgatt, sweating your jewels off at 90mph & a scoot comes past ridden by some dude in shorts, texting. A great leveler. Fortunately we wasted him in the twisties...
I'd never have thought of a scooter as a tourer. Would have thought they would have been like a fish out of water away from the city. You learn something new etc. I would still choose something more suited to touring mind you.
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