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The extra distance the squadron throws the light is definitely worth while to me (safer going fast in the dark)...

I don't know if 2 squadrons has any extra value (I won't until I get to try it.. I'm hoping to get the second one hooked up tomorrow); perhaps if I could throw the light wider with the second light (hence the classic combo of pencil beam and driving beam or fog beam). The other thing I was going to talk with Paul about is if we could try a slight shimming of each light to aim each one 10 degrees off center to each side (because it throws light so far) - the two would then cover a huge amount of area maybe?

The bigger issue I personally have with "too much light" is when you have to drive on a public road at night. You have so much light you turn night into day (which is great!) but then when you meet oncoming traffic and have to dim all that light to a legal level, your pupils have contracted and you are essentially blind until you can get the lights back on. I find I'm especially sensitive to this as I've had lasik (twice).

I'm going to love it up on Kingston Peak at night this summer & goofing around in LHC... but not so much when I meet oncoming traffic dropping down the canyon afterward.

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