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In my opinion w/ Pauls's (HDB) 2 squadron set up the trick will be to have one be a sopt and the second a flood.

The flood would be pointed down and infront of the bike and run on a PWM dimmer with a high beam by pass so it acts as the low beam on the road at night. Then for high beam or offroad riding the flood would come on at full power filling in the area in fron of the bike and to the sides, wile the spot LED would give you long distance lighting. I would put the flood up top pointing down so it can bette fill in the dark spots behind bumps or when the front wheel is lofted.

The lower LED would be the spot pointed straight down the trail.

It would be super easy to mount one of these on the roadbook mount:


Rotary control of led output.

Dimming is accomplished by PWM.

Rotory detent in off position. CCW decrease light output until off position.

Connect your high beam to provide full light output when you turn on the high beams.

Includes connectors male/female for 2 lights.

Includes connector for 12v DC power (male and female).

1.5"x1.3"x.8" or 38mmx33mmx20.3mm

IP67 waterproof

Suitable for up to 6 amps or 72 watts.
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