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Wrong diagnosis... Oh, the injustices of previous owners!

So when I last wrote I blamed my titan's intermittent starting issues with a questionable fuel delivery system. Turns out that was only a small part of the problem. When I finally built up the courage to ignore the "never dissemble" warnings regarding the automatic petcock in the manual, I discovered the the entire inner workings of the vacuum system had been taken apart and reassembled backwards. The spring was on the wrong side basically rendering the whole thing garbage and guaranteeing a constant stream of gas straight into the crankcase (no wonder I had to drain the cylinders weekly!). Once I reversed the spring -- using nothing but common sense, I might add -- and added a new vacuum line, the entire system worked like a problem down.

The next problem was that the bike was no starting with any sort of regularity. I assumed it was fuel related at first, but then ruled that diagnosis out and moved on to the electrical system. I found that the bike would start more consistently whe the battery was fully charged. I ended up tracing the problem to an aftermarket killswitch that a previous owner had installed. First I bypassed the switch, at which time the bike started beautifully. Then, just for shits and giggles, I broke apart the switch to reveal contact plates badly gunked and soiled. Damn you, aftermarket parts!!!

Anyway, just though I'd share. Anyone have any similar stories of having to undo the "improvents" of previous owners?
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