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July 4th, 2012

Hot day even here in the hills. I am in my usual bad mood since we have no decent roads to ride here or at least we have not found any lately. I headed out this morning with my sweetie (mtngal) 2-up in search of something worth mentioning to you on a little loop around the neighborhood. mtngal is taking the photos with her better camera today. We barely got headed down Meadow Fork and you might know the darn wildlife around here act like they own the place...bunch of turkeys in my opinion!

I can remember a day when this building had good looking tags and now they are all rusty...whats wrong with these people not taking care of their tags?.....I really am grumpy today...

Well we decided to make a quick run through Hot "Sprangs" then head down river....

Paint Rock so named for the Native American paintings still visible on a few places here but mostly damaged by vandals so don't waste any time coming here...

You take the high road and we'll take.....we actually we took the high road...dirt...sorta rough in places...steep drop-offs...long views...trees across the road...don't come here!

Zig here, zag there, hop or two and the big GS is moving on...

I dunno what happened...we paid our respects at any rate...

Down off the mountain we find more sucky roads and terrible stuff to see

Fitting flag for today...we do have a lot to be thankful for in this wonderful country! Just wish we had some good straight roads...

This tractor ain't American made but I guess it gets the job done. Not goin' to bike ain't American made either so thar you go...

Found this old power house and dam along the road.

Headed down Cove Creek, Cedar Creek and Long Branch in search of Del Rio...

Note..a Massey Harris...not Massey Ferguson

All the gals basking in the shade on this Hot day and I do mean HOT!

Found Del Rio!

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes...

Ran out of pavement again! can you imagine?

Checking out a side road...

Back on the main track


If'n you dare come here, we do have big foot here, here's proof! and he may be in a bad mood!

Trusty iron horse

Cooling way down up here Not!!!

Bee Balm and it makes a great tea and mtngal told me the name of it but I forget....maybe she will comment at the end and tell us....

pond near the Patch

The "patch" Max patch that is...AT crosses here before going to Hot Sprangs if you are going north.

Headed back to the house which is close by....

Neighbors place

Almost there

Just a little jaunt around the neighborhood which took a while since we were on a lot of unpaved tracks today.
Finished grilling some great food and now the temp is cooler and nice after this short trip:

Don't worry about my brake failure light..who needs brakes anyway?

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