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Originally Posted by def View Post
Hmmmmmm....I believe I see a loose cage rivet at about seven o'clock....I could be wrong.

Also, it appears that you installed the caliper while replacing the seal. Why?

Other than a hammer, did you use any additional tool(s) when installing the new seal?

Nice work...BTW, it appears your rear bleeder hardware is rusty.

Hi Slim, wish I was in the Durango area and not steaming hot Virginia right now! I hope all the fires haven't hurt you... We had a NASTY wind storm last week that trashed this region, but nothing caught fire.

Naw, all the cage rivets and bimmerflues are tight, I checked.

I didn't install the caliper to do this work, I just never took it off when I removed the rear wheel. Note: you don't have to remove the caliper when you pull the rear wheel off your GS for whatever reason, it's an unnecessary step since the disc stays on the wheel (unlike the RT).

I used an o-ring pick to pull bits of rubber and crap out of the bearing race, otherwise nothing but standard shop tools.

Yes, I see the rust and I'm not happy about it. I lived most of my life in the Rocky Mountain West (New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming) and nothing ever ferking rusted out there. Virginia is so wet and humid all the time literally EVERYTHING rusts, not just that part. The trade-off is that I get to live where it's green, we have lakes/streams/rivers all over the place, and I get to ride 12 months out of the year . I do REALLY miss the skiing out West, though . Some day I'd like to try the expert-only backcountry area near Silverton... I digress.

This is easy, don't pay anyone to do it for you!

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