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Thursday morning we are awake at 0400 ad when we look outside it is raining. We figure that with the rai we should go to Antelope Wells to see the border and let the roads dry out. A reasonable thought at the time. It continues to rain for the rest of the morning.

We are on the road shortly after five heading west. We cross the Continental Divide on I-10

As an aside we see 5 east bound trains on the way west.

the road south to Antelope Wells is a long lonely highway

We cross the Continental Divide for the second (and later third) time

Eventually we get to Antelope Wells , which is still closed and will be so until 0800

When we get back to I-10 we meet some Border Patrol Agents who tell us they have seen the SoMD riders and we are an hour behind them. While we are airing down and generally fooling around these bike racers come by. Supposedly they have bee racing the CD trail

We start out on the first of the CDR dirt and it isn't too bad. About ten miles up the road I hit some soft sand, start gyrating, and eventualy lose control of the bike.

looks like my crap is everywhere and all three cases will have to be replaced.

I wake up 4 minutes later and it takes about 20 minutes for me to get back to normal. Jack call 91s and they can't figure out where we are. We may have missed a turn on the trail. We decide to ride out and meet the BP on the way out. The captain leads us the 60 miles to the hospital in Deming. My last time on the bike. get an ambulance to the ICU in El Paso.

It is now Friday. Have been cleared by the Neurologists and need the Cardiologists to say green light. I feek fine but will have to follow up when i get to Annapolis. No motos for two weeks
MedJet assist will get the bike to BoB's BMW.

Wish I were with the SoMD adventure riders

Everyone ride safely
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